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Our Free Keyword Density Checker Tool

Are you looking for a keyword density and analysis tool?  Our free keyword analyzer tool tells you exactly how many times your keyword is occurring on any page on your website, so that you can better optimize your page for SEO.  Your keyword density shouldn’t be too high or too low, and our tool indicates this for you.  It’s a simple way to search for keywords on a webpage.

Have you ever wondered what makes content from your competitors rank higher than content you created?

It may have something to do with your website’s keyword density.

How Our Keyword Density Checker Calculates

As the saying goes, ‘content is king’. Not only from a user’s perspective, but also in the eyes of the search engines. Long form content is becoming more and more important as Google continues to see less value in low quality, thin content webpages.  Our free online keyword density checker can help.

Our free keyword density checker enables you to analyze the keyword usage of any existing webpage on any website so you can optimize that webpage for your SEO.

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Our tool will provide you with a full analysis into the total number of keywords found on the selected webpage, a list of the most commonly-used words on the webpage, and the density of those keywords in percentage format.

Based on the general metric of a keyword density of between 1%-3%, our tool aims for this approximate range and shows a green color when your keyword density is within these bands.

These results can be used as a means of comparing your content to that of a competitor. They can also help you determine whether the keywords you’re targeting are among the highest used words on your webpage, or whether you need to give them a bigger spotlight.

Have any questions about your results? Want help establishing a solid keyword density? Let us know!

What Is Keyword Density?

The term ‘keyword density’ was coined by the SEO community as a way of describing how many times a certain keyword or phrase appears within a block of text on a webpage.

Although it used to be acceptable to mention your webpage’s target keyword as many times as possible (known as ‘keyword stuffing’) to rank higher in search results, that is no longer the case. Now, it’s a big no-no.

In fact, numerous Google updates, including “Panda”, have smashed such practices into oblivion. Search engines are now more sophisticated and are better able to identify and punish users who attempt to game their algorithms.

As a result, more users are now focusing on creating higher quality, longer form pieces of content. This allows writers to naturally include a greater number of relevant keywords, as well as Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords.

What are LSI Keywords?

LSI keywords are words or phrases that closely relate to your main target keywords. For instance, if you were to target a term such as ‘Coffee’ within your content, the LSI keywords would be terms such as ‘mugs’ ‘milk’ and ‘sugar’.

You’ll find that LSI keywords will occur naturally within your content if you concentrate on writing in-depth information about your content topic. In fact, you’ll find it’s rather difficult to write about topics like coffee without mentioning milk or sugar!

If you’re unsure which keywords or types of keywords are best for your SEO, we can help with our keyword resesarch services.