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How Our URL UTM Builder Can Help You

Trying to craft URLs that have UTM tracking tags on your own can be time consuming and difficult. It’s also very easy to mess up the order of the code, leaving you with a link that doesn’t work and forcing you to start over. Instead of having to create the UTM tracking tags manually, why not use our free UTM generator?

Our URL UTM builder is also incredibly simple to use. All you need to do is fill out the blank fields and watch as your URL is built right before your eyes as you enter the source, medium, term, and other components.

Our UTM generator was designed with the user experience in mind and even comes complete with one-click copying for your convenience.

This valuable tool can provide you a number of different benefits, from acting as a time saver, to providing more insight into just where your visitors are coming from. If you want to truly get the most out of your next campaign, consider tagging and creating your URLs with our UTM builder. Taking just a few seconds to do so can help your company optimize spending, recognize what works, and eliminate wasted resources.

What Our UTM Generator Does

Our UTM builder is able to quickly, accurately, and easily create your own customized URLs, complete with your UTM tracking code appended to it. Using these new URLs will allow you to track your campaigns more closely than ever before in Google Analytics. The links created in our generator ensure you always know the viability of your marketing efforts or campaigns.

What is a UTM?

When running a marketing campaign in Google Analytics, tracking is incredibly important. In particular, you want to know where your traffic is coming from in order to see and understand what’s working and what isn’t. One of the best ways to do that is to utilize Urchin Tracking Modules (UTMs).

A UTM is a small amount of code added at the back end of a URL. When a URL has UTMs added to it, a link is built that can measure the exact source of your web traffic in Google Analytics. These UTMs can be so precise that they can even tell you a particular piece of content that a person used to reach your site.

UTM Components

What else can a UTM track?

In total, a UTM can track 5 different things:

  • Campaign – This component is required for every UTM and essentially will identify your campaign. It will group all content from that single campaign, so you can track the campaign better as a whole.
  • Source – The site or platform that the traffic came from, i.e. Facebook, Pinterest, Google, etc.
  • Medium – The actual medium that provided the traffic, including social media posts, banner ads, blog links, and more
  • Term – This type of optional component will let you to track the keywords or terms that you have paid for. If you paid to rank highly in a specific term, this component will allow you to track the progress and success.
  • Content – Another optional component, this can help you see the difference between two similar ads on the same channel. It’s a  great resource if you have multiple links or ads in the same place and want to see how each is doing.